2013 m. rugpjūčio 20 d., antradienis

The big day

You are busy with it half a year. You think about it all the time -in details and in a big picture. You stress about it, you can't sleep in the night dreaming about it. You use every spare moment to work on it. You try to prepare well. It goes differently than you planned.

But it is perfect. Because the one you want to spend your life with is next to you, holding your hand and smiling. Telling you the most simple and beautiful words in the world. And all your loved ones - family and friends - are together with you to celebrate your love. In the middle of the forest, under the pine trees and the August stars. 
The day was better than I could have imagined.

Thank you everybody who was there with us. And those who were with us in their hearts and thoughts.
My heart warms up every time I think back of those beautiful moments.

Photos: Gytaute Akstinaite

2013 m. balandžio 26 d., penktadienis

Very late answers for 17neliota

Because long time ago I was challenged by 17neliota and just now I got a bit of time to answer her questions. I apologise, my dear friend - the little one eats all my time and mental energy!

The challenge goes like this:
- tell 11 things about yourself
- answear all the 11 questions you get
- invent 11 new questions
- challenge 11 bloggers who have less than 200 readers
- inform them that they are challenged

what a difficult thing! I finally got rid of my self analysis, "what do I want from my life" thoughts, and here you go, tadaaaam, I need to think again. Well, I will try my best.

Eleven things about me:
- I always thought I like to sleep long mornings, but since I wake up early, I understood how much I missed up!
- I hate people walking with the shoes inside the house
- I am internet addict and I like it
- I am not perfect at all, I am just trying to be
- Calling people I do not know stresses me a lot
- My tea cup is 0.5 liter beer glas
- I am crazy about polka dots
- I love riding a bike and looking forward to do it again
- Being mama faces me with all my imperfections and teaches me a lot
- I love to smell all kind of things
- I like to build little rituals for myself

What are your hobbies?

   For now it is cooking, knitting and reading blogs about all the beautiful things
If you could start a new hobby, what would it be?

  If I would know, I would probably be doing it :D something relaxing
What kind of place do you dream to live in?

 There is two options - small old house with high ceilings and huge garden in the middle of the virbant city or the same house in the middle of the forest
Where would you like to travel?

 Lots of places, but one day I will go to Lapland in the autumn
What would be the place that you would recommend to me to travel?

  Go to Africa just to experience what it is
What would nobody guess about you?

  I can't come up with it - about everything knows at least one person :)
What kind of houses do  you like?

 The ones full of stories and light, but with no ghosts
And what kind of interior decorations?

 Tasteful and functional, and the most important - not too much! Vintage with modern touch works best for me.
Chocolate or liquerice?

   Chocolate chocolate and a lot of it in all kind of tastes and shapes and forms
What would be the most perfect surprise done to you?

  I think I already got it - that little surprise which now smiles to me every morning with toothless mouth  
What would you like to do now if you could choose something else?
  I do not know yet, that is my task till September this year :)

Well, I will invent 11 questions, but sadly I do not know so many bloggers to challenge, so I hope my dear readers (I have no clue how many you are) will answer them in the comment section.
Here we go:
1. What inspires you?
2. What is the smell you can't stand?
3. Favourite dessert? 
4. Bike or car?
5. Three habits you would like to get rid of?
6. What annoys you in other people?
7. Which poet would you recommend me?
8. When was the last time you spoke to your mom?
9. Your style icon if you have one?
10. How does your perfect country look like?
11. Where and how do you eat your breakfast?

I am curious :)

2013 m. sausio 9 d., trečiadienis

Power, intelligence and success
What will 2013 bring to you?... (three words you see first)

2011 m. gruodžio 28 d., trečiadienis

and the new year will bring BIG changes in our life.
for now I have to keep quiet.

2011 m. gruodžio 22 d., ketvirtadienis

The room full of memories and thoughts dripping from ceilings.
Here I got to know you. Here I hid from the scary world and fell asleep on your shoulder.
The magic place in the middle of the city surrounded by cozy people and beloved market.
I'm going to miss you, my bygone room...

2011 m. gruodžio 14 d., trečiadienis

i wanna snow...

2011 m. spalio 23 d., sekmadienis

one year of running.
fast one, I even forgot
to breath.

winter holiday home.

winter workshop




Easter Veluwe

Verdronken dorpen Leuwen



Drawing workshop



what's next...?
Jis spustelėjo rankeną, ir durys prasivėrė.
Ir už durų buvo kitos durys.
Jis spustelėjo rankeną, ir kitos durys prasivėrė.
Šitaip jis atidarė šimtą dvidešimt keturias duris.
Tada jis pavargo ir sukrito.
Už šimtas dvidešimt ketvirtųjų durų yra sodas,
jame ką tik išskleidė rožės - galvojo jis,
snaudulingai mirdamas.
Už durų buvo durys.


2011 m. spalio 9 d., sekmadienis

aš galvojau, kad tu - lapinas.
grudrus, išdidus esi.
tave nuraškė, kišenėn susidėjo
veidmainė nunešiota dūšia
tave lovon įsitraukė.

prastas iš tavęs lapinas.

2011 m. balandžio 14 d., ketvirtadienis

pavasario įtūžusiais kamienais
teka aistrų sultys.